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He is right bro.heard alot complains for fresh graduate.. quite alot goes gov project which is budget
If youíre really in youíll know that all fresh grads get the same pay. The only one thatís getting close to 6k is strategy. But when youíre a fresh grad under TAP, which is what all new joiners will fall under, the pay is a little less than 5k. You are not aligned to any industry at this stage. I have batch mates who are same consulting development analyst and is in FS project, but he is getting the same salary as all other new joiners. And you will not be align facing the same client all the time, I have been in both FS project and also public sector projects. In all, all fresh grads joining get the same pay regardless, which the exact amount you can find on Glassdoor (a little less than 5k).

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