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GEO4 subject head(confirmed) + HOD(internal) here. A grade for past 3 years but still waiting for promotion. Salary has been crawling very slowly. Even A grade merit increments in Apr 2021 and 2022 were 160-180 max. These MI quantums used to be given for C or C+ grades. RA for SH is peanuts.

Damn sian now. The GEO3 teachers that are just out of BT-ship are actually catching up in pay. SEO colleagues are widening the gap even further.
I feel you. Iíve gotten A for the last three years and the increment was peanuts. As an appointed HOD, I am still at geo 5, 4 years and counting. The 5% increment is another blow. While the non-appointment holders have geo 5A to cushion the cruel decision, KPs at geo 5 can only swallow it.
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