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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
You got percentage?
High becuase u claim so?

Other than the 2020 COVID batch where like 80 percent pass for part 2
Mostly it hovers around 50 to 60 percent for part 2
Part 1, 20 percent gone. Part 2 50 to 60 percent. Overall each batch go exam pass one u go count urself
For a first post grad exam passing rate, is not great compared to mrcp and of cse no where near mrcs
For an exit exam , it's nowhere near the high passing rates of other speciality.

Nhg a few years 100 percent means nothing. Becuase they only let resident high chance to pass go take
Sgh 60 to 70 percent, Nuh similar. Program b also not high plus last year failure also add on

Ya. If u say so.
Errr actually Iím from NHG.
The whole batch takes exam. Nobody gets retained / prevented from taking exam.

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