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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
this guy gets it.
specialize in a skill is the best.
generalist work is very tough. In hospital setting at least still can blue letter left right center.
In primary care, sibei jialat. Your worried auntie comes with 10 concerns because their cousin say this , they read that on google or saw that on some TV program.
Sometimes i don't want to talk much, i stare at the computer and become the proverbial dumb doctor.
The reason is i don't want to be the helpful doctor because its simply too much work for me. Not when you are the 44th patient of the day, its 5:20pm and I REALLY WANT TO GO HOME.
Exactly! Totally right! Plus how are GPs paid? Not by difficulty and complexity of case but by a set amount per patient. No difference is easy follow up refill meds vs new strange first presentation suggestive of multiple sclerosis or scleroderma

In other words even if you are essetially providing specialist level care they are paying you low level generalist cheap skate rates. Thats how they save money. On the back of your hard work and good heart.

Sorry man. Dont fall for it. Also all those people who say things about having pride and neing a good generalist breadth and depth knowledge jin satki.....MMed....

After 10 years honestly they will see the light after seeing their 1 millionth patient. Even if you in OPS the bonus you get is not from seeing complex cases. More like those extra projects QIP other initiatives etc.

In other words a form of 'specialization" in itself.

Take the exam. Pass the exam. But dont fall for this nonsense about being some super GP.
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