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Software engineer, numbers are slightly modified but still close to actual one (HR please don't hunt me down)
2018: 5500 sgd, start in October
Jan 2019: 5800 sgd
July 2019: 6500 sgd, +3000 stock units in 4y RSU @36$ each
Jan 2020: 8000 sgd, + 2500 stock units in 4y RSU @40$
Jan 2021: 9200 sgd, + 500 stock units in 4y RSU @216$
You can guess the company based on stock price. Now the price is 278$ per share, listed on NYSE
Making 600k+ per year, I was lucky
Given that the share price of SE has dropped more than 80% since this guy's post, what's the maximum that he could have made if he had sold his RSUs whenever possible?
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