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Thanks for your reply. I am actually a R4 preparing for the upcoming mmed in 1 month. Really think I will fail (ironically I actually completed gdfm as well during my residency years). Good to know that people still recognize our residency training (and the effort we put in) even if we don't finish mmed.

You are right, mmed is a very high stakes exam, not so much the difficulty, but I think it's the only registrar level exam that is only held once a year, and each trainee is only allowed 3 attempts (unlike mrcp which allows up to 7 attempts for each part). The opportunity cost for failing is high (essentially you stuck as mopex or RP for another year, while your peers who pass become fp and are placed on a different career tract).
Personally I think I will leave the public sector if I fail this time around (probably try as a private candidate next year). But good to know that at least someone recognizes our residency training.
Work hard will pass one la. is not the be or none. Polyclinic salary gives u little incentive to leave.
U still get v good training in residency and will show up when u do Ur work
My batch failed one all doing well lei.
Other than the girls who work 8 to 5 and become mother, the most bey gan one anchoring clinic also pay more tax than my average one month salary
The best one got 5 clinic under his name. He plan to sell out in 5 years and retire.
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