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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
so you are saying ‘residents’ who fail mmed are equal to doctors than gdfm family physicians?

What a joke. delusional. cant pass exams dont join the FP register please
Experience counts.
A resident who exit residency but dun pass is way better than someone who pass gdfm.
I teach and assess gdfmers okay. The expectation of gdfm is different. It's really nothing more than ensuring they at least know something and is safe. Giving them fp registration is the only way we can encourage the gp to take up gdfm and on paper elevate our primary care strength. The earlier gdfm was so easy, a MBBS would have pass. Only this year standard start to be raised as per original white paper...
Go and ask Ur gdfmer what changes are afoot.

A resident has to undergo clinical competency criteria before we advanced him year on year. This is based on mult faceted assessment by preceptors , in training exam, speciality rotation feedback etc. The is a high stakes exam, we don't allow everyone to pass. They dun pass thier but having pass ccc , their standard is actually very good liao.

It's u who is delusional who think gdfm fp are of good standard. With some experience maybe but of equal years no fight Pls la. Dun kid urself.
Ego brusied go one corner lick it. Dun come and embarrass urself
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