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Hi all, I'm currently doing IMT training in the NHS in England, currently an IMT3 which means that I have just under five years to go until I get my CCT (completion of training at which point I will be a consultant)..

I'm pursuing gastroenterology although my heart is specifically with hepatology. I'm considering doing a Phd. I'm just wondering whatwould be best for my job prospects if I were to go to Singapore again? I want to work in a private hospital, would the Phd make much of a difference for my chances of landing a job and the salary I would be earning? I don't have PR currently sadly, would that make it more difficult to find a private gig?

I'm hearing anywhere between 300 and 800k being bandied around in terms of salary as a gastroenterologist/hepatologist - any truth to those numbers?

NHS absolutely kena sai, the sooner I leave the better so if those three years of doing a Phd don't make much of a difference, I will forego them.
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