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Not surprising.

If we look around us there are many late 30s or early 40s PMET friends, relative & colleagues. Quite a number of them save wisely and do not anyhow spend. Most also invest in stocks, unit trust, properties etc, but I havenít seen anyone like that who can accumulate millions and generate 6k passive income by the age of 40, it just do not work that way.

The only way to short cut the process is either got big inheritance, start a successful business, high flying career or be able to generate returns of 15%-20% per year like the top hedge funds in the world.
Perhaps I am lucky or blessed whatever u call it.I had three breaks of buying properties at the lower end of the cycle and selling them for a profit.These properties are in D9and 11.In addition,I invested into a great Japanese f&b restaurant biz and resold it to a Japanese entity for a handsome profit.Possibly these contributed to my accumulation of assets over the years.I say I am pretty big risk taker and looking back I perhaps may not do now what I did then
In addition I said I retired from full time fixed salary job lah not totally retired from work and shake leg.I still need income to sustain myself.
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