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Saw this and I wonder what everyone’s view of a career in criminal practice Is, whether as a prosecutor or defence counsel. This suggests that it is rewarding but not sure if it is just marketing….
Definitely marketing. They're also recruiting for the new public defender's office as well as the general shortage of criminal defence lawyers because it simply isn't a lucrative practice area.

AGC has no lack of talent pool of prospective hires, because there's still a cachet of prestige working for the govt / Singapore Legal Service (nothing prestigious compared to international firms obv, but it's not that far off from big 4, and definitely leaps and bounds ahead of your run-of-the-mill local midtier and chinatown sweatshops).

It should be noted that SUSS grads were supposed to fill this shortage of criminal defence lawyers, but to absolutely nobody's surprise at all (since there's no restrictions on which areas they can practice), most SUSS law grads would simply use their education as a 'backdoor' way of getting a recognized local LLB on the cheap despite being NUS or SMU rejects, and join the more lucrative practice areas.

The best route as a crim defence lawyer is to work in one of the white collar crim defence teams in the big firms, like Chentils, Sashi, Wendell's or Chee kun's, then jump to do regulatory, investigations and fraud in an international firm.

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