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Default Title are important

Fake title is also quite important.

I used to work with a E6 lead.
He lead a few projects. That's the fake title.
But actually the real lead is E5 cause the E5 did all the work from meeting user, preparing document, plan, discussion, minutes of meeting.

The fake lead E6 only have the name on the project, sign approval, report to division manager.
Guess who was promoted? Not the actual E5 lead who also happen to have a good rapport with the other E5 team.

When the E5 quit, guess what happened to the project? Dead. Another new E5 have to take over and they don't know how to do.
How is it possible the E6 lead have no clue. Cause he is not the actual lead.

Then guess what happened to the E6?
Promoted to M1 because he lead this project and given other project to "lead".

This old project customer complain guess what happened?
They give the new E5 the title "Project manager/lead".

Its funny how fake leader get promoted while actual leader quit.
Then clueless new hire get fake title to do actual leading.
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