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hi all, iím currently a penultimate student at local uni. looking for some career advice so appreciate any unfiltered and honest insights!
i have internships in 2 IB boutiques and 1 strong PE. The PE does not convert and only take in IB people. Should I go buy or sell side right out of undergrad? Of coz this is assuming i get offers but I wish to focus my effort on one.

Pros- Exit Opps + Prestige + Money
Cons- i really hated my life in IB. Everyday get fked and the anxiety was no joke

PE (GIC/Temasek etc):
Pros- Friendlier culture + Good pay
Con- Lesser pay and prestige. Exit opps limited? If cmi get pushed to MD at subsidiary
your portfolio isn't strong at all... chances are u won't get any choices, sorry.
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