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Why you all care so much about title. Tbh, the pay is more important. In ST the salary range is very big so a E6 can also be drawing more than a manager.

Somemore, nobody really care about your rank in the company anyway, there so many self proclaimed title in the officer. Alot of E5 or E6 who stuck in the same rank for 3-5 year will start to give themself make up title like system manager, project manager,lead developer...... Etc

My department culture is very bad. The manager alway delay project and only start to schedule the project when they cannot delay the project anymore so when we are alway fighting fire when we are deployed to the field. That why, my department got OT is very common due to the bad management.

Then when OT, you will start to envy poly hire cos they are paid for their ot and also double pay during weekend and holiday. Degree holder... Come back work for free and same hr
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