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Is it worth it to go for SEO1 in leadership track? My RO asked me to think about whether I want to go for leadership or teaching track.

But I feel that SH is like being a sergeant in the army. You have a bit of power but you get pushed around by the people above you and have to herd the people under you.

It seems like if you want to go on leadership track, HOD is the least that we should aim for.
1. How many years have you been in the service?
2. How have your pb over the years been?

It could be a passing remark or a genuine case of seeing the potential in you to take on leadership role, be it in the teaching or leadership track. SH, ST, teachers, they all come under the hod. If the head is good, good. Else, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

To me, I will gladly take on SH position. It is a mean to shut the mouths of other KPs, especially during ranking since you will not be brought up for discussion. When you are just a HOT, many things, good or bad, go on behind the closed door. At the same time, you are likely to get a better pb. However, be prepared to take on more responsibilities too, including being an RO. Not everyone likes that.

i would say that not SH can attain hod position, you do see many career SHs. Of course, it is important to work towards that still. Stressful or not it depends on individuals. The responsibilities is definitely greater being a hod, as you oversee departments and often are required to take on roles such as presiding examiner for National examinations or lead committees in planning for school events.
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