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This is a surprisingly accurate answer.

The quality of Baker hires is getting increasingly poor. They used to have a substantial flow of high quality trainees from the local universities who would stay a long time. Now, the quality of the trainees is dropping and with the higher exit rate of associates to the "proper" international firms, the replacement laterals hired are usually either terribly trained or from a completely different practice area.

You can do a scan on linkedin to check all the recent hires over the past year - I've heard so many complaints from my baker associate friends about litigation associates hired from smaller firms who are academically and procedurally weak and can't even handle basic matters, and also complaints about corporate associates coming from litigation with 0 corporate experience, but somehow they are given no PQE cuts. Imagine how infuriating it is to have been slogging in a firm for your partners for a few years, then having to watch people get hired in at your level getting the same pay but whom you need to train from scratch and clear all their work - then you can start to imagine why people leave.
fake news lol name one litigation assoc who was hired from a smaller firm in the past year
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