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Hmmmm but in the TAP briefing the roadmap that HR presented says those in consulting pods move on to S&C and those in tech pods move on to Technology leh. No mention of distinctions between titles.
I think the Hr didnít specify clearly. But basically you can know by looking at the talent segment stated in your contract, this one is your job title basically. Not linked to the pods one, cos the pods I also dk how the mix and match, although they say which few are consulting pods, but got a few tech people placed inside too, and also having consulting analysts placed in the tech pods. Not too sure is it pod too many people or they just anyhow place.

But only consulting hires move on to S&C, not based on the pod de. So if you wanna go to S&C, try see if you can get consulting analyst offer or switch, I have heard of cases who managed to switch.
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