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Thank you! I assume you're in LTA now? I have an offer on hand. But I haven't accepted it. I keep hearing horror stories abt LTA, and how the turnover is very high. Even the interviewers kept harping on that. My colleague (who was from LTA) also keeps telling me that LTA is not the place to be. These horror stories are holding me back.

May I have your take on it please?
Turnover of course high. Because LTA staff does a lot of work. It is not a place for slackers. A lot of slacker left as they thought LTA is a typical public service with work life balance. How wrong. This is a place that pays you better than other stat board but also make sure you work more than other stat board. If you are attracted by the salary, then be prepared to bear the burden. If you are not prepared to work hard including during non office hours, pls donít accept the offer.
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