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Thank you! I assume you're in LTA now? I have an offer on hand. But I haven't accepted it. I keep hearing horror stories abt LTA, and how the turnover is very high. Even the interviewers kept harping on that. My colleague (who was from LTA) also keeps telling me that LTA is not the place to be. These horror stories are holding me back.

May I have your take on it please?
Yes turn over rate is high due to burn out and constant night works. Youíre also sacrificing WLB immensely for a somewhat average/mediocre pay, which are crucial factors employees are considering nowadays. Many also left because they are stuck at the same grade for a long time and see no way out, and feel that itís scholarsí playground. Lastly, thereís very little transferable skills in our line of work (more like a generalist overseeing project progress) and hence those who can leave will leave early to avoid being trapped here forever skill wise.
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