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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Troll donít give fake news.

We donít lump strategy and consulting together lmao, just FYI, now strategy and consulting functions are merged tgt under one DTE. Canít believe you donít know this, this combination is already present since 2021.

Goes to show you arenít even in the company, still expect to give ďadviceĒ.

Itís for consulting hires can do strategy roles in projects and strategy hires can do consulting roles in projects. But not for tech or other functions to take on strategy or consulting roles in project.

This is a fact. And no, consulting interviews arenít just behavioural interviews, think twice before speaking. This is the dumbest sentence Iíve heard or seen thus far.

Consulting wannabe stop being a troll and spreading false news.

To the op, why do you want to do consulting or strategy work? Your interest or the name itself? Do you know what entails as part of consulting or strategy work? You may have a chance trying to go into consulting, but strategy well itís almost impossible. Even if they headcount and want to bring in people, the first audience to consider would be consulting analysts to managers from the same Strategy and Consulting DTE (strategy and consulting are merged tgt in a dte, not separate as what this troll is saying). You may need to think about the reasons why you want to switch out of technology, especially assuming you have good amount of experience in tech.

Will be happy to discuss more on this, but not with trolls spreading fake news.
Lols just because itís merged together in a Dte doesnít mean that you are doing the same thing/holds the same level of prestige. While consulting folks can be placed on strategy projects, strategy peeps will definitely get priority over you cause thatís what they are hired for. Prestige aside, if they are the same, can you explain why the company pays strategy people more than consulting people?

I am not sure whether youíre trying to associate yourself with strategy to feel better about your position (idk and idc?) but Iím really putting things out based on the reality.
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