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Lol no one in SG is going to start w Cravath scale straight out of law school. Horribly misinformed of realistic salaries on legal and finance sides. Lmao.
in my exp most law grads are really in their own bubble. they either think law is the be all n and all of fields, or tt other industries dont pay as much, or other industries r such and such

in short, they get a lot of outdated n preconceived notions of what happens outside the legal industry frm other lawyers, usually seniors, or their friends or even worse their parents.

just take a look at the law students in NUS or SMU. they mostly hang in their own faculties and hardly mix with others. its symptomatic of the bubble mindset that's cultivated.

this informational silo only gradually disappears for some once they start working and have to interact with clients n the broader economy. even then it doesn't for some who still refuse to widen their perspectives. dunning kruger effect is widespread.

i say this as a lawyer who went inhouse where u start to realize how little u know abt how industry n companies work and how C-suite n management takes in info and makes decisions.
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