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What you mean by ďyouíve made itĒ? If you belong to tech, which means youíre not under S&C, thereís no way you can transfer to strategy or consulting as they are totally different DTE, unless you have extremely strong connections or have substantial project experience in those roles. For strategy roles and consulting roles, they have more stringent hiring process and the numbers hired on a yearly basis for consulting or strategy are consulting very little, way lesser than those technology roles that are being mass hired monthly. So if you arenít offered a strategy or consulting role when you join Accenture, it means you arenít qualified for it, let alone say doing an internal transfer from a totally different function. Not putting you down, but this is the facts, thatís to be fair to those who have gone through a tougher hiring process of interviews etc as compared to the mass hire for those business and integration/delivery roles. Even strategy or consulting project specific roles are kept for those consulting analyst-managers or strategy analyst-managers.

So short answer to your question is no.
Hmmmm but in the TAP briefing the roadmap that HR presented says those in consulting pods move on to S&C and those in tech pods move on to Technology leh. No mention of distinctions between titles.

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