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This forum so much ******** information...

Future SEEDers, please just try to network with your seniors and ask them directly instead. You will 100% get misled here. This forum is truly the most useless garbage place ever with trolls everywhere.

Also about the dress-code, yeah smart casual, just get long sleeve and dress pants from uniqlo and dress shoes from Bata, should last at least a year. Please don't wear black long sleeve lol, pick a lighter color... No tie needed.

Also brush up on your financial statement knowledge ( Income statement, what's on it? What are the categories? what's a bond? balance sheet, what goes on it? etc ) , your first 6 weeks training is about finance stuffs.

I cannot share pay increment but just know that it's guaranteed. Last few pages ago someone said it's "hardstuck 5k" or no pay increment or some ********. It's 100% guaranteed...

Again, go network with other SEEDers or find some SEEDer seniors. Don't waste your time on this garbage forum.
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