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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
you seemed to be extremely motivated by money.
Every post is about the low rate of return where doctors do things one to one.
Anyway, your perspective la.
Very funny, comparing CEOs or the mythical property agent who made millions.
Very easy to talk about them, to become one, you dunno the sweat they go through.
CEO 1 company only got 1. Takes luck, charm and capabilities to get there
Millionare property agent ? Haha, many scrapping by nia. Its a super low barrier of entry job. You really think every agent every month sell a few million dollar properties?

by and large the most bey gan of doctors who become GP is at least 12-15k. Steady job u can do until old, part time or take long break and come back.
Your CPA, CFA, software engineer or whatever you recommend might be scrapping by with a 3-4k salary if they are at the bottom of their food chain. Those making 8K usually middle management and stress as hell. Sell insurance you think so easy? Pilots ? not every makes captains hor. Some stay as senior first officer forever, plus the disruption to sleep cycle, radiation exposure u have to decide if worth it or not.
You probably think of doctors like GP as bey gan.

I think drs would disagree. They all high flyers in school. Not bey gan.

So if they had done something else maybe they will be somewhere.

There are many very successful finance pros that were medical school rejects. At that time so sad rhey didnt make it to medicine. But looking back say heng ar never necome doctor! And they tell kids study law economics finance. Not medicine anymore.

Now all the ones going go med school are the children of fhose bey gan parents. Still believe be doctor is good.
Sure la if you not very clever stidy very very hard get good results then get into med school wah so good.

Thise jin satki parents all laugh shake head.

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