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If you know what you want to practise in, I suppose it could make sense to do that in a B4 straight away for more focused experience. But I always think that if you know that you want to end up in an MC firm, you might as well start at an MC firm. The MC brand name >>> B4 and you can start gaining valuable experience for your CV from day 1. Also, you won't have to compete with your other B4 peers when you are looking to lateral into an MC a few years down the line. I just think the benefit of doing your TC at B4 doesn't outweigh the benefits of starting at MC (but that's my personal opinion).

As for the QLTS (now SQE) for E&W qualification, yes, you can 'easily' get that while working in B4. But I think MC / US firms in SG don't really care about E&W qualifications. US firms may care a bit about NY qualifications (and definitely if you intend to do US capital markets work). Just look at the profiles of SG lawyers in MC/US firms in SG - that will give you an idea of how many have E&W / US qualifications.
True that nowadays (on linkedin) more DPPs jumping out to MC / Silver Circle firms? Successfully

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