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You're welcome.

By 2 year rotation programmes, I assume you mean the international firms' 2 year training programmes where you spend 2 years as a trainee and rotate across 4 practice areas, and then qualify as an NQ afterwards (even though you are already SG qualified after the first 6 months)? I know CC and Links offer this, and with Links you become SG and UK qualified.

If so, I would say it's quite a bit better to do your TC with an international firm, simply because you're essentially guaranteed a job with an international firm (assuming you are retained). Your career shouldn't be slowed down due to the rotation across practice areas, and in most cases this wider exposure is actually a benefit to you. The training at MC firms is also on the whole, much better than your average B4. TCs from MC firms are also MUCH harder to get than B4.

In terms of timing, bear in mind that as a general rule, laterals from B4 to MC firms get a 1-2 year PQE discount. This means there shouldn't be much of a difference in PQE between candidates who graduate at the same time, where one did the 2 year trainee programme with an international firm, and the other lateraled after training at a B4. But of course, your mileage may vary.

All in all, I would almost definitely always choose the international (MC) firm TC over a B4 TC.
I agree with you fully on pretty much every point. But if I already know what I would like to practise in, say B&F, or M&A, or DCM, would it be more worthwhile to get 2 years of PQE in the B4 then?

While in the B4, I get called in SG first, then clear the QLTS on the side to get E&W qualified?

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