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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Best feeder firm = A&G
Then WongP
Then R&T, SLB, D&N
DR is quite a way down. Haven't really heard of ppl from firms outside of this list (nor from DR) getting into good international firms directly.

Some ppl consider BM an international firm... but if you are considering BM a local firm, I would say it is probably around the same as A&G.

100% true that you don't need UK stint before US firms - I don't know if this was ever true... I know many ppl from A&G/WP who have made the jump to US firms directly.
Always wondered, nowadays, does BM pay significantly than the local big 4?

Seems NQ big 4 is at the 7.5K marků anyone knows the NQ monthly for BM?
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