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Hi Everyone!

I have worked in Stat Board for 10 years and was offered a job from another stat board. I agreed to change job under Movement Policy (understanding that my current Stat Board may hold me for 3 months).

I am okay with the salary (same as ny current salary) and am happy that i get tonretain my years of service and AL if 21 days. The hiring HR informed that I would still need to tender my resignation as a firmal notification to my current employer and both HRs will then decide on the appropriate date to trf me.

Does anyone knows whether my current employer will still pay my salary at the same date until my official transfer to the new stat board? My colleague had resigned previously and served 1 m9nth notice and her last salary was give 2 weeks after her final day which is a big stretch for my current financial situation. Anyone who has experiencr with movement policy?

Greatly appreciate your advice!
I've been through movement policy before and their process is basically the same as u quit a job and start all over anew. The only thing they will retain is years of service and your employment scheme, and your PB will be paid over only after confirmation kn the new job side.FYI, years of service don't move over if going from stat board to ministry. If you are having trouble financially, be careful of financial embarrassment. Declaration is needed, if u don't...more trouble and your pb will get withheld as you will be under disciplinary action.

Speaking from someone who went through this pain. Good luck.
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