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Yeah because micron pays 5k for freshers and there's plenty of fresher roles that pay above 5.5k now with significantly better WLB and younger / more fun people at work.

Micron is full of boomers and outdated tech. No surprise it has high attrition. It's 2022, no one stays at a shitty trash job and work hard for nothing when you can join a much better company, get same pay and do less work.

There's more to life than just working. Follow the western mindset better, Asian boomers are still stuck in the past thinking "oh work till I die".
agreed to some extent

now most companies try to follow western culture alr

no more insane OT hours, still got OT ya but other semi-conductor engineer roles also same thing... of course got better jobs, micron not really in trend among freshers alr. mostly its the avg people who go there
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