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Many aspiring law undergraduates or Part A/B candidates always think that academics is very important in practice but in reality, it plays a secondary role.

There are two things you need to have for practice:

1. Client Management - You have to manage clients' expectations, learn to be firm with clients (setting boundaries) and always remember, collect fees beforehand. Many clients will request you to do many but "act blur" when its payment time. Admittedly, easier said than done and even some partners still fail at it, given that Singaporeans are the non-confrontational type.

2. Thick Skin - Especially for litigation. Prepare to get scolded by the judiciary if you can't meet timelines (sometimes at no fault of your own). Also, by demanding clients who think they own you just because they paid a paltry deposit.

If you can master these two things, you can survive in practice. If not, good luck.
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