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Wow role model for all teachers!!!
I would like to qualify that working for so many hours is only feasible or possible if you donít have kids or anyone to care for. And being an FAJT and a private tutor means that you are freelance worker or self-employed in the eyes of the banks so if you need to take up loans eg. Housing loans, you are at a disadvantage. When I last enquired, to take up a $250k loan, you only need $5k to qualify monthly salary as a salaried worker but you need $9k monthly income as a self-employed as they would take a hairline cut off your annual income to assess your eligibility of loans.

So it really depends on which stage of your life you are at.

And for tuition, some parents request for tutors to be of a certain age group eg. below 30, below 40. So itís not something that I foresee myself doing or having many students when I am older.

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