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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Why need to earn so much? Issnt mental health more important? Already Big 4 so stressful , I can only imagine intl firms is worse?

And why local firms don't increase salary to match intl firms?
Oh sweet summer childÖ

Big4 ainít stressful compared to the stress at the international firm level. Honestly the playing field is so different. But ti answer your first question, some lawyers (i) are so good that they donít feel too much stress doing the work, (ii) manage stress better, (iii) have coping mechanisms, or (iv) any combination of (i) to (iii).

To answer your second question, local firms canít increase their salary because they canít increase their billing rate. And they canít increase their billing rate because they canít demonstrate more value-add than theyíre worth. International firms can charge more because their clients value their services more (e.g. commercial acumen, foreign law expertise) that many local lawyers donít demonstrate. Also, SG clients tend to be cheap AF. Again, different playing field.

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