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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
How can a SA be making so much? $60k a mth? or you mean a year

Thatís more than half a million a year.

Impossible for the SA to bill so much imo.

Also no clients will pay so much.
OK, I think S$600k is possible, but as always, needs context.

The Cravath scale ends at 8 PQE, at which assocs can expect US$415k + USD$115k in bonuses. So in theory an 8 PQE can make US$530k (or S$730k total).

But there are massive caveats:
-Not all US firms match the Cravath scale (especially bonuses)
-SG offices of US firms may pay a lower rate than their US HQ for various reasons (e.g. if the SG office is simply much less profitable)
-SG offices of US firms often cut PQE for Singapore laterals (this can be significant)

And then there is always the overhanging risk of you getting too senior (and expensive), and being shown the door if you cannot justify the high salary, of if it's simply more economical for the firm to hire a much cheaper junior to replace you. US firms are quite notorious for this, and especially with respect to their overseas offices. But yeah, you'll be massively well paid while it lasts.
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