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Don't bother. 1.8k to 2.3k for a start. At the end of your
traineeship, you not necessarily get the license. It depends on availability. Worst, you end up becoming or a technician or assistant engineer
Continuing from this post, IIRC it was around 2.3k to 3k (up by $500 from the original payscale) (Still lower or same as your technicians' basic pay). People need to understand that mros are having a hard time finding hands and legs on the ground, yeah the Pinoys and Chinese are going to places which pays well, the leftovers have no choice as they either brought their family here or probably sign some bond with their agency. So how do they fill the gap? By hiring you guys, withholding your whatever interviews, license approval and etc. so that you can work as hands and legs. If you like hands-on job, welcome! Else think again.

I do not know about siaec as they used to have a strong line of trainee technicians to work as hands and legs. Maybe someone can commend about the current situation there.
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