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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Wow Gen Zs these days. You think you are too good for checking typos and fixing formatting as an NQ? Newsflash: I still do that even as a 8+ year senior associate in a US firm, and it irks me when juniors refuse to get formatting right or learn how to use basic MS word functions (like applying styles or creating tables of contents).

Greater use of technology means you need to learn to use the technology yourself, not expect to outsource part of your job to another team.
As a 2/3 PQE, who has experience in B4 and London HQ of UK firms, it's definitely true that UK firms make much better use of support / outsourced staff / paralegals. It's an important cost-saving approach for a market with clients that are more sophisticated than SG-based clients.

But it also really irks me when trainees/juniors refuse to do these tasks and rely entirely on support staff. Ultimately, the buck stops somewhere, and if the senior associate is fixing the formatting or picking up typos (because the junior didn't properly brief the support staff and didn't check), then something has gone wrong.

I think it's about striking the right balance.
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