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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi all,

I have received a verbal offer from HR last week but she did not mention anything about my salary. Would like to know if anyone will know:
1) How long will it take to receive the official offer?
2) What are the chances that they can offer me my expected salary (since they did not mention that they are unable to match my expected during the interview when they asked about my last drawn)

1) 3 Weeks after interview. Could sort of tell they were going to offer me. Only got asked 2 questions and it was mainly a brief about the job scope.

2) Do expect a low ball offer. Job req didn't state whether it was a dip/deg role. Graduating with a deg soon so i asked for 3.2k and they said the same thing about cannot hit salary expectations. Got mx14 role in the end paying me just slightly above 2.5. Keep your expectations low and just find somewhere else in the mean time.
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