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Check your sources before sprouting nonsense bro. Contradicting much? Why is there a need for conversion if itís already a permanent position lmao. Acn tap is a permanent full time employment with no need for any conversion. One get to promote to the next level after one year to one and a half years. At the next level, one just needs to take one and a half year to two years to be promoted to the next level. After which thereís no fix duration to move up the ranks.

Everyone knows that getting into dbs or ocbc or uob to do tech roles are their backup choices cos they canít get in anywhere. To work in a bank, only IB, markets or asset management roles are prestigious. Again with that said, how can dbs, ocbc and uob market themselves against international and global banks?
the dbs program is confirm perm position... The addendum got say one

U like dunno then don't anyhow talk cock la bro the conversion is to convert from graduate associate to associate rank only wtf knn sibei kumgong
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