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Also maybe I'm naive and haven't worked for enough bad companies, but I'd think that if you were told to do something you're unfamiliar with, be it consulting or development, you'd at least be able to ask/get some help.

Not asking for companies send you to school and pay you an allowance like your parents, but you should be able to ask for advice, learn from others, etc.
True. Btw no technology people are asked to do consulting work, because they have consulting people who were hired to do consulting work. So probably the original op got it all wrong, and think consulting is just “providing solution” which isn’t even consulting of course not “real consulting work” lah. Got an speak to those hired to do consulting (consulting development analyst, consulting development snr analyst, mgmt consultant, mgmt consulting assoc manager and so on) see what they’re job scope is before clattering all into “consulting”.
So many business and integration analyst wanna be in consulting really lol sia, even one who’s hired as bus and integration arch analyst puts himself as strategy and consulting on LinkedIn like huh???
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