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Default Shitty

Every Tom dick and Harry want to be perm.
But no skills etc.
The contract is basically a probation if you can't perform convert you for what

In the golden age of IT, everyone was offered a perm job. Alot slack like ****.
Can't terminate etc. HR or MOM. So end up just playing the give bad bonus bad increment for the staff to leave.

So the industry woke up one day and say all new hire should be contract until they proven.
Then alot will be like I work for you so many years for what if you don't convert me.
Then the other side is like if you can't even work 3 years convert you to perm for what.

And then you have perm staff 10 years working experience take the award and quit also..
Long story short.

Just get high pay. Everything else not important. Contract or perm. Got bonus or incentive or what. All also have to do the saikang job, get complained by customer.

People think tech job is so glamorous. Its actually very shitty

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