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So I have this friend in Citibank, I heard she says her maternity payout was 4k, and back then she was about 3 years into the industry. Since that is what her maternity pays out, this is likely her BASIC salary as maternity pay from what I know does not account for commissions.

However, recently she has decoupled her name from her husbandís condo, because she claims she has earned a huge commission, enough to buy her own condo at Orchard Road.
So far we were never invited to any house warming, so we donít know the details. But she was seen carrying more branded bags and such.

I was her church friend from some time back. She was doing quite ok back then, dressed like a normal person. Now she everytime also try and dress like super atas? Even with us, she also a bit more arrogant now and very show off with her new found wealth?

Banker commission got so high one meh? Or she did make a good comm but exaggerating?
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