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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Wtf obviously OCBC Ib > any banks BO
Very funny seeing all those undergrads putting BB Summer analyst but nvr show position. From their work exp very clear is BO hahahha
Lol omg yea, ****ing funny

Summer analyst at Goldman Sachs, but no position LOL

What funny is that they wanna flex that they're in GSachs, but they don't want to admit to the fact that they're in Ops, fckng narcissist

Btw for the salty ops kid here, OCBC IB is definitely > Any banks BO

I have seen DBS/OCBC/UOB IB people lateral to BB (despite taking a huge discount on their YOE), but I have yet to see BO jumping to any FO

If you are BO you are just trash bro that's all, this is a fact that we don't say but we will gladly remind you about it if you ever think you are worth more than local banks IB who actually do something useful
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