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thanks sir...
lets say I am assigned equipment engineer, how will my working hours be like? I am assigned CVD equipment engineer and starting in september.
I am assuming you are taking the role of equipment owner. Official working hour is 8-5.30pm. however, as the title suggest, you will "own" certain equipment assigned to you, which means you are the subject matter expert for it. While there will be shift technicians to support the equipment, you will be the person to give instructions and directions solve problems that may arise. Do note that the fab is running 24/7. As a result, there will be chance that the equipment experience a hard down that requires your support even during your off day or after hours. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the job for operations, especially for owners. Be prepared to be very busy and disruptive to your life. However, I also want to note that depending on individuals, while some people do not like this arrangement, there are also many who are fine with it. The good thing about being an equipment owner is that it can be very interesting and fulfilling when you are able to overcome the technical issue. I do not want to sugar coat the role, but I just want to present to you a very objective view of it, basically the pros and cons. It sounds very scary, but no harm trying and get the hang of it first before you decide if you actually enjoy or hate it.
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