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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
MFG is the biggest dept in Micron. There are basically 3 branches of MFG:
1. Equipment
2. Production
3. Material Handling (Newly branched out to work on efficient parts delivery from store to fab. It is a very small unit)

I will elaborate more on #1 and #2.
For Equipment, there are 2 branches: Area team which deals with the equipment capacity required for wafer loading, as well as equipment that deals with maintenance, troubleshoot, and other improvement projects. Each module will have its own senior manager heading their own area and equipment teams.

For Production, it’s main role is to call out production constraints and highlighting them for help needed. This group is all compressed shift works. It is headed by 1 senior manager, 4 shift managers and their respective production shift module engineers and technologists.

The so called “sub-department” that you called out is known as the “module”, or “area” here, namely:
1. CMP
3. Diffusion
4. Dry etch
5. Photo
6. Wet process
thanks sir...
lets say I am assigned equipment engineer, how will my working hours be like? I am assigned CVD equipment engineer and starting in september.

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