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The mass hiring that you see is due to 2 main reasons: natural attrition and expansion.

For expansion, some bros there already mentioned earlier that Micron is constantly expanding its front-end manufacturing capabilities for NAND in Singapore. The current fab in expansion is F10A. Of course, some bro mentioned about the rumoured closing down of MSB in Bendemeer. I do not work in MSB, so I cannot comment on the situation there. However, MSB is the only backend testing and assembly site for Micron Singapore. The 2 other nearest backend sites are in Muar and Penang. Do note that backend facilities require much lower technical talents in its operation. As such, operating cost becomes a much heavier consideration, which is why many semiconductor companies including Intel, Broadcom, Infineon etc set up their backend facilities in Malaysia. Source: (s:// However, frontend sites are much more critical and requires lots of talents for technical breakthroughs, which is why Singapore is an important “center of excellence” for Micron’s global NAND business.

For natural attrition, we all know it happens everywhere in all companies. As of today, Micron Singapore employs about 9000 people. Taking the average turn-over statistics for Q1’22 Manufacturing Electronic sector of 1.5% per month Source: (:// Page A18), It will mean 135 people leaving per month.
thanks for your detailed explanation....
I hope MSB will not close down and move their entire production to Malaysia or else I will lose my job.
In addition, I heard that both micron in SG have different pay scale in term of shift allowance, feelsbad...
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