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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am here cuz it entertains me how some people are in pure disbelief about how high starting salary can go.

Even 10k starting salaries will draw insults/mockery here, and you are one of them too!

They don't know how much higher starting salaries can go.

Why does it entertain me? It reminds me alot of my peers back in school, back in Uni, who thinks they're so cool af being president of some social clubs in Uni or JC or whatever, little do they know the nerd sitting in their class earns 10x of their starting salary now.

Am I salty about them belittling me last time? Yes I was, but not anymore, I mean how can you be salty when you are like 10x their net worth? Mostly I just do this for fun, and sometimes I do feel pity also about you guys earning so low that you simply cannot believe some ppl earning this much.
got this same breed of posters on nuswhispers

"im so rich and successful now, i make 300k pa, a lot of girls i used to like now always try to get close to me, i play them for fun now"

you guys are fking hilarious

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