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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Accenture pays 4.6k + 300 allowance.

NCS pays 5.1k for freshers, 5.4k and above for FCHs.

On top of that NCS hires you as part of their tech team directly, in Accenture you're more of a consultant where your projects is dependent on a number of factors.

Don't get me wrong, NCS is garbage, so is Accenture but if given the choice, most would pick the one with better pay and benefits.

$100-$600 more
4-5 year Masters program
$900 wellness benefits

The only thing Accenture has going for it is that it's a F500 company, that's all. Once you attain 2-3 YOE, no one gives a crap whether you worked at F500 or a tech start-up if you can't even do simple LC Med - Hard questions with back-to-back Sys design rounds.
I know NCS pays more for local U FCH, but since when they increase starting pay for their 5 year masters program to 5.1k?? I'm local U CS just entered NCS recently 4.8k only.
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