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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
you seem really insecure leh, having to brag about how you tekaned your lawyers.
I'm the OP. Nah you misinterpret. It's not meant to be bragging. That statement was made to show how I can't go back to that kind of weekend-burnt lifestyle and schedule.

What you wanna think of it, is up to you.

But if the first notion that came to your mind is that my statement was meant to brag about "tekaning" and putting down pvt practice lawyers, I guess that's really quite symptomatic of how many ppl who're still in pvt practice behave/think. There's a lot of ego tripping & chasing prestige in pvt practice. Those of us who don't care much about such things, have removed ourselves from it.

Find what works for your career / goals n stop relying on the validations of others.
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