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Cool story . How did u manage to land interviews, internship and eventually your job. I hv a few engr friends who are struggling just to get an interview for an internship .
I joined as experience hire. Less than 8 years exp in my field.

1. Never give up. Keep trying. Your chances to be noticed is 1/20. Not that bad as long as you have experience. Will be good to have referral, that's when MBA course helps as MBA tends to have quite a number of finance people.

2. I had the fortune to be in 2~3 industries doing the same function. So I shot down immediately any excuse relating to 'no background experience in finance' as I have proven my adaptability.

3. Be passionate about your work.

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High 6 digits is 999,999. Or do you mean high 5 digits?
It's annual package and not monthly salary.
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