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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi,unregistered too,

I am exactly the same as you, BT, grad last july and posted to school in july. funny thing is in 2011 Mar when i was in NIE, the pb quantum is 1.0, more than being a BT!
Hi there,

Just FYI, what you got in 2011 March is not Performance Bonus, but Special Variable Payment (Growth Bonus) which government gave out in good times of economy. It was given together with Performance Bonus in March 2011, which is why you would have mistaken that to be PB.

There were two levels/tiers of SVP if you read this thread, 1 month and 1.6 months, 1.6 months is for those graded B and above (good performers).

I hope you're not mistaken to think that without any quantifiable performance, an officer undergoing training in NIE would qualify for 1 month of performance bonus.

In 2012, however, there is no growth bonus yet or in fact, probability of growth bonus is low. So in your performance bonus slip this year, you will only see "Performance Bonus" and not "Special Variable Payment".
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