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Thanks for the reply

I check the pay slip that indicate the amt of PB i am going to get, No indication of the grade. ANy pointers on this?

Yes, I joined the school since July last year, a BT. Did the EPMS for 2nd half of the year only and my PB is around 0.88 mth. I am concerned as it seems by inferring from the PB amt, my grade seems low....
Don't worry. That means your school chose not to grade BTs.

0.88 means you're not graded. Cos some schools feel tt half a year might derive an unfair grade and thus instead of grading, they just give the national recommended amount.

And this doesn't mean tt u r not good, just tt u r not graded for 2011 and thus no grade reflected.

Last year was 0.921 I heard. So prove yourself for 2012, because u will definitely be graded this year!
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