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Originally Posted by Bean View Post
not really , as far as i know, i have beeen there in 4-5 years, he have been getting 'A' grading consecutively for the last 4-5 years...

not my boss sux, is the company itself, especially the annual/promotion increment really sux for list LOCAL MNC.

it just did not make any sense, that when you promoted, you only getting addition 4-6% for average n above average performer......'A' performer get 8% maximum(which is very rare)!!!!.... with additional workload for just $100-200.more..when you promoted!!!

I thought a promotion is at least +15-25% one
u sure u got accurate info? did u see it yourself?
did u check other ppl info in the company ?
anyway my stat board promotion only 10-15% and it is inclusive of annual increment no such thing as in addition.

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